Mind Diets, Screen Time, and Productivity

Everyone should think about the screen time that they have as if it were a ‘mind diet’. Think about all the time that you spend looking at different screens and think about if that time if being spent in a worthwhile way. It’s really easy to eat shitty food all the time because it tastesContinue reading “Mind Diets, Screen Time, and Productivity”

Tread Lightly In These Waters

Tread lightly in these waters. They lead to parts of the mind known to few men. In this wake of eden we row on against the current set on a known-unknown course. Pray to the gods for smooth seas. The more we know the more prepared we are when the waters start to churn. IntoContinue reading “Tread Lightly In These Waters”

Life as a Hedge Fund

This is something that I have been thinking about since the beginning of the current election cycle. It all started when I was listening to Bernie Sanders talk about how they had to close some of the loopholes that hedge fund people take advantage of. It got me thinking about hedge funds. As a personContinue reading “Life as a Hedge Fund”

A Look Into the Life of the World’s Wealthiest People

I’ve been fascinated with the rich people lately. There is certainly no shortage of videos online of rich people showing off what they own. But I’m not talking about Tai Lopez or any of these bullshit lifestyle entrepreneurs that are basically Donald Trump wannabes. I’m talking about the real movers and shakers the people thatContinue reading “A Look Into the Life of the World’s Wealthiest People”

Why Hippies Put On The Suit

“It’s very difficult to find someone that’s more of a capitalist than an old hippy.” – Dave Ramsey Do you want to know why the hippy movement failed? It’s not because the CIA subverted the movement from the inside. The movement died because the hippies realized that they were living a lie, although admittedly notContinue reading “Why Hippies Put On The Suit”

Be A Globalist

If you watch Alex Jones you might think that the NWO globalist agenda is something that is designed to wipe out humanity. Although this most likely is not the purpose of the agenda, it’s possible that some of the friction that is felt in the world today has a direct correlation with some of theContinue reading “Be A Globalist”

Why Anime is Important

Anime. Love it or hate it. It’s important. Although I know that anime isn’t a widely watched form of entertainment here in the United States, I do think it’s a valuable form of animation that offers something that we don’t really get in many of the animated works that are produced in the western world.Continue reading “Why Anime is Important”